What is addiction

What is Addiction
Addiction is defined as an overuse of any substance that changes the natural chemical balance of the brain. It is basically agreed upon that addiction encompasses both biological, psychological, and behavioral factors.

At RecoveryLinks.com we believe the best prevention and catalyst to recovery from addiction is having a fundamental understanding what you or your loved one is dealing with and educating your self. Our goal is to give you the tools and resources that you may need to assist in the road back to a healthy way of life.

Alcoholism and Drug Addiction
There are many opinions on what causes an individual to become susceptible to drug addiction or alcoholism. Many believe there underlying physical and mental issues that contribute to developing an addiction. There are many different causes of addiction.

The Addiction Cycle
Regardless of they how or why and addiction began, there is a definite cycle of addiction that many individuals get trapped in. This addiction cycle is often referred to as the downward spiral. Breaking the addiction cycle can be a long and difficult process, depending on the nature of the addiction.

Types of Addiction
There are many different types of addiction. An addiction can be developed by anyone, it is not reserved for certain personality types, race, religion, socio-economic social standing, or career fields. The best defense and recovery tool against addiction is education.

How Do You Identify Drug Addiction
Individuals caught up in the addiction cycle often try to hide or disguise their addictive behavior. Most times the addicts even try to hide the addiction from themselves. There are certain types of behavior that can assist a loved one or family member in how to identify drug addiction Once the drug addiction is identified it is important that you confront or intervene with the individual suffering from the addiction.

Drug Addiction Cycle
A cycle, simply put, means something that goes around and around and around like the wheels on a bike, a brightly painted carnival carousel or the rotational seasons of the planet. You start an activity or put something into motion and it ultimately returns to the point of origin along the journey.

Cycles can be a positive thing such as the annual review and raise that you might receive at work, the sleep cycle so that our bodies can regenerate and heal, the merry-go-round of love, etc.

When is a cycle a negative or dangerous pursuit? When it threatens to destroy a quality life. If an addict cannot break free from the destructive and life threatening patterns of drug and alcohol addiction, they and/or others may suffer and die needlessly and harshly. The cycle of drug addiction is never a positive outcome and all efforts should be made to achieve a healthy, productive and long term recovery from this dark and sinister downward spiral.

To recreate a new pattern of living from a tattered and deeply worn path will be the greatest and most empowering inner expedition an addict will ever encounter. The first step is to truly want it so sincerely that you can think of little else other than getting clean. It may be for you, your loved ones or better yet a combination of both. Unfortunately, the reality of the addiction cycle and breaking free from its grip is not that uncomplicated The reality is, is that It can be a very difficult process with occasional periods of personal let down, but this fact cannot in any way be allowed to discourage those seeking a drug rehab for freedom from drug addictions.

Your body, in almost every aspect of its being, is addicted when you are a mild to chronic user and abuser. Your peripheral nervous system, your brain, your muscle tissue are all living in anticipation of the next high. So, for the addict, it is crucial that the cycle of behavior, like that circular bare pathway that the tethered dog creates running and running trying to get beyond its chain and stake, is broken. The addict needs to yank up the anchor that keeps them from moving forward and progressing outside of their chemical bondage and this means changing environments, patterns and even sometimes friends and social associates. Drug rehab programs can be very helpful in achieving this.

Once an addict has made the personal commitment to change old habitual cycles, the next step is to establish new, safe and positive influences in their life. These can be found in quality support groups, (ie: Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous, etc.)  hospital substance abuse centers and drug rehab centers. No matter what the setting, it is important to be around strangers. Being in proximity “people, places and things” may promote the tendency to fall back into old thoughts and behaviors. Of the before mentioned options, private drug rehabilitation retreats seem to be gaining popularity, in part, due to the impressive success rate they boast.

To break the drug addiction cycle, one merely needs to stop walking the ring. Albert Einstein’s theory of insanity is “doing the same thing again and again expecting different results”. Make the conscious decision to either step out of the beaten trench or stand still, just stand in one place long enough to gain a new perspective that will inspire you to desire an unpolluted field that your footprints leave only one impression in as you walk toward new, always fresh pathways too not follow, but create.

Parents of Addiction
Many parents blame themselves when their children turn or develop a drug addiction. There are many reasons that an addiction begins, the best plan of action is to address the drug addiction without any blame or anger. Getting the addict help is the most important issue – not who is to blame. Parents often have the financial and emotional burden that comes with drug addiction treatment.

The Ripple Effects of Addiction
Everything and everyone that the drug addict comes in contact with is affected by drug addiction. Drug addiction is a social issue that many try to ignore. Drug addiction effects jobs, relationships, and all social interactions around the addict. It can have a profound effect on all aspects of the addicts life – and that includes all the individuals that addict come in contact with.

Drug Addiction Help
There are many different types of drug addiction help that are available to individuals. There are addiction treatment and drug rehab centers that offer inpatient and outpatient care as well as a variety of treatment length and methodologies included. Drug rehab centers are not one size fits all. Different programs are going to be ideal for different individuals and situations.

Surviving Addiction Treatment and Recovery
The first step to recovery is admitting the need for help and treatment. Many feel that this is the hardest step in addiction recovery. Possibly for some, but addiction treatment is a difficult process every step of the way. The rewards are many, and you can survive addiction treatment and recovery.

How to Start Addiction Recovery
Taking the first step in addiction treatment and recovery is the hardest. There are many different treatment programs, treatment facilities, and methodology available. Some use drugs to assist with withdrawal others believe in drug free withdrawal, it can be very confusing and overwhelming. RecoveryLinks.com is here to offer you the free services to assist you in understanding the different treatment options and help you find the best treatment option for your individual situation.

Prevention of Addiction
Can you prevent drug addiction? Many parents especially would like to do everything they can to prevent addiction. Education is the best defense against prevention. Many addicts do not understand the dangers of developing a ] addiction when they first began to experiment with drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc. Many addicts also do not have a parent or role model that they can discuss openly these types of issues. Many current social campaigns advertise that parents are the best defense against addiction. Parents should know the signs and the exposure their children are receiving to drugs and alcohol. The children of addicts are in danger of developing addictions later in life.

Addiction Counseling
When Should Someone Seek Addiction Counseling? Addiction counseling helps a drug or alcohol addict get to the root causes of their addiction. Understanding why the addiction developed, and dealing with those issues or behavior patterns can assist an individual in the recovery and continued recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

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